Sunday, November 13, 2011

Run baby Run

For the first time in weeks I slept in. I woke just before 8:15 and only minutes before I heard my son calling "MoMMyyy." With plans to go for a run before 9:00 I knew I had no choice but to climb out of my warm bed.

I grabbed a coconut cream pie Larabar (one of my favorite flavors), ate half and chugged a tall glass of water. I suited up and headed out the door at 9:00 on the dot.

The sun was out but it was cold. I didn't have a plan of my exact route but knew I wanted to cover at least 4 miles. My body warmed up quick and I was off and running at a comfortable and easy pace. I passed several other runners on the road and we gave the friendly smile you give to fellow runners. One even gave me a thumbs up! I wondered how many miles they had run so far!

4.35 miles later (and 54:29 minutes) I was back home. I was not very impressed with my time but I have to keep reminding myself my goal for now is not to run fast but just to RUN. For my first 15k, my goal is to finish not to finish within a certain time limit. Maybe the next race I will set a time goal.